Our Team

Porträt von Andre

Andre Valdes

In the past four years, I have advised companies on three continents in business development and accessibility.
Now I use my experience to create new HR perspectives and make diverse teams the norm. I started the Haven Project, unifying experts from across the globe into a team.
Together we support companies in making the processes of finding and onboarding talent with a disability barrier-free – so that everyone can contribute visions they believe in with their full potential.


Philipp Linde

Once I understood that so much talent doesn’t have a voice at the right table, I had to dive deep into the Diversity Challenge companies face. I use my experience as a trained advertising manager to support companies to comunicate their plans scale sustainably and humanely.

After all, people are more than a resource; they are a company’s real value.


Porträt von Philipp
Porträt von Elisabet

Elisabet Bästlein

With my concept for barrier-free corporate communication, I help companies make their external communication, from branding to marketing to the recruiting process, not only usable for everyone but also highly profitable.


Charlie Randell

Over the last 5 years, I have advised and consulted several companies on how to make themselves more inclusive and more understanding of people with disabilities.

Whilst building a personal brand that breaks down the stereotypes surrounding being young and having a disability. I’m living, breathing proof that a disability doesn’t have to stop you, and This should also be true for your career.

This is why I joined the Haven project, As I believe the barriers that disable people  face are due to the lens that they are viewed by society Through. The more that we can educate people, the more likely this viewpoint will change. 


Porträt von Charlie
Porträt von Mik

Mik Scarlet

 As a Haven Project member in the UK, I support and advise companies and committees from different sectors to make venues accessible.

Sonja Connert-Weiss

Employees don’t leave their jobs. They leave bad working conditions.
What good leadership in diverse teams looks like and how to deal with drastic changes in the personnel structure is a subject dear to my heart.
As an experienced manager and business consultant working with Haven-project, I help large companies to create more productive and diverse teams.

Porträt von Sonja